Stash won the 1st prize at La Nuit de la Data
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Monitor your data usage

We help your organization gain a better understanding of data usage by determining its value, environmental impact, and overall cost.


Accelerate data adoption

Stash provides a comprehensive understanding of how your business teams use data, enabling them to autonomously leverage it with great impact on your organization
1. Measure
Prioritize your data management efforts by identifying core data assets, determining your data leaders, and assessing teams with high data consumption
2. Optimize
To optimize efficiency and sustainability, focus Data Team workload on crucial assets and demands, and identify dark data leading to unnecessary costs, carbon impact, and challenging data governance
3. Deliver
Deliver the right data to the right people, improve your data culture, and have a clear vision of how your role as a Data Team member impacts your organization's growth

Built-in integrations for your Data stack